This is the webpage of our female dwarf domestic rabbit, who mostly lived in our living room (save for brief exploratory forays out into the hall, bedroom, etc.). I started this page up when my wife was living for the academic year in Iowa and was having bunny withdrawal, so she could experience the bunny remotely, though without the fur. It describes in pictures (and captions) a couple of evenings when I happened to have the camera out and the bunny was being cute. She tended to be particularly cute about one in the morning when I'm working on wood projects... Thistle was about four pounds, and was around 5-6 years old when these pictures were taken.

Part 1: An Evening in the Life of Thistle Bunny!

Daddy's building stuff! Lets see what he's doing...

Lets see what is over this way...

A Box! But its in the wrong place! Lets move it over here...

Much better! Now there's a place to sit. Hmmm, what's that red thing...

"Bunny, be careful. Those are sharp!" Hmmm, pretty smelly too.

Clean off the icky smell...

(Daddy is done drilling). Lets see what's he's making...

Hmm, according to these plans, you need to put holes here. Where are they?

Strrrretch a bunny - what are these weird metal things...

"Bunny, don't chew on those...." Bunny circles around the table.

This part looks okay. Tastes pretty good too...

"Bunny!" Daddy goes back to work screwing in legs. Bunny casts sidelong look...

And breaks for the doorway!

"Bunny!" Bunny goes back and hides under the gerbils. Daddy finishes the table, and starts to work on the stool.

Bunny regards the plans. After careful examination, she decides they are unnecessary.

Just open the box! (Daddy fails to comply. Bunny starts chewing on box. Daddy lets her...)

Bunny finishes chewing, and Daddy brings out the smelly stuff! But no more pictures of that part!

Part 2: Thistle Really Likes Her Nest!

Thistle has acquired a pile of scrap cloth! She really likes piles of cloth. But first it must be carefully arranged.

Hmm, have to get this part over here...

And this bit should be just like this...

And slide that part out there...

Hm. Maybe the whole thing would be better over in that corner...

But that would involve too much work.

Just soften this part right here and we're good, I think.

Ahhh! Yes, that's good.

Hmm. What's that weirdo up to now?

He's got stuff all over the place!

What's in here?

Bunny, I'm trying to get some work done...
So, says the bunny, OK, I'll leave you alone...

Hm. Says Paul, where's the bunny?

You said to stay out of the way!

OK, OK I'm going. Sheesh!

Thistle sleepytimes!

Paul comes over to snugglebunnies!

Part 3: Nothing we can't face... except for bunnies.

Paul is cleaning Thistle's cage, so the door is closed!

Thistle checks out the situation. The house is inaccessible. Hmmm.. Paul is engaged...

"I think I'll check out the finch's new digs!"

"Thistle... you know you're not supposed to be up there." Me? I'm not up here. Really!

Paul does not appreciate the bunny humor. New barrier goes up. Bunny is perplexed!

"Well, I guess this is okay. Plop here."

"Hmm. This is a pretty comfy snuggle space."

"Ahhh! Yes, that's good."

"What's he sticking in my face now?"

"Oh, just Paul with a camera. That should be worth some petums!"

A very relaxed (if now totally blind) bunny!

Paul's done cleaning the cage. Yeah! Dinnertime!

Random cute picture of the morning fuzzy pile.

Part 4: New Toy For Bunny!

Thistle has been bored (read bored bunny=bad bunny), so Paul decides to give the bunny something to play with.

Thistle is in her regular place in front of the TV. Paul puts a box near her wrapping paper (her previous toy). Thistle is confused...

"This is still my wrapping paper (dig dig dig)."

"But this thing is new. What is it?"

Checking out the other side. Hmmm, it kinda moves...

Thistle samples the box. Not bad to chew either...

Thistle proceeds to drag the box over near her sitting space and decides that it is a fun chew toy! (she already worked on the first corner to drag it to its present position).

Getting down to some serious chewing...

Chewing done. She tries to push it away, but the box doesn't seem to want to cooperate, simply lifting rather than pushing. She gives it a good SHOVE.

There! Box is in a good place!

Thistle is all tuckered out. Sleepytimes splat!

Part 5: Playing with Daddy! Again!

Little evening adventure for the bunny! Paul is working on the Hurdy-Gurdy, and Thistle wakes up from her regular sleeping in front of the TV to help!

Thistle's favorite past-time - bonking daddy's feet!

Ahhh! But the feet pounce back!

Whatcha doing? What's this?

Hmmm, there are little bits sticking out here (the ends of the gut strings).

They are very yummy! Paul chases the bunny away. She decides to go back to sleep.

On Wednesday, June 21, 2006, the very wonderful Thistle bunny passed. She was about eight and half years old. She is and will be very much missed.

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