Coupling Methods for Hamiltonian Monte Carlo
Computational Statistical Physics and Related Fields Session, SIAM MS 2021
Mixing Time Guarantees for unadjusted Hamiltonian Monte Carlo
Hybrid Oberwolfach Workshop: Geometric Numerical Integration, Oberwolfach March 2021
Online Hausdorff School on Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods: Recent Developments and New Connections
Co-organizer with Andreas Eberle, Bonn September 2020
Couplings for Andersen Dynamics
Online Computational Statistics and Maching Learning Seminar, Oxford June 2020
Two-scale coupling for preconditioned Hamiltonian Monte Carlo in infinite dimensions
Inverse Problems: Algorithms, Analysis, and Applications, Caltech February 2020
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Collaborative Research: Numerical Methods for High-Dimensional Sticky Diffusions
NSF DMS-2111224 (2021-2024)
Humboldt Research Fellowship for Experienced Researchers
Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (2019-2021)
Stochastic Partial Differential Equations and Their Numerical Solution
NSF DMS-1816378 (2018-2021)
Randomized Hamiltonian Monte-Carlo
Catalyst Grant from Rutgers-Camden Provost's Office (2017-2018)
Towards Fast & Stable Schemes for Brownian Dynamics with Hydrodynamic Interactions
NSF DMS-1212058 (2012-2015)
Mathematical Sciences Postdoctoral Research Fellowship
NSF DMS-0803095 (2008-2011)
CV (last updated: June 2021)

Nawaf Bou-Rabee
Associate Professor of Math