Course: Advanced algorithm
Given by: Guy Kortsarz.
Office: 319 Business and Science Bldg.

Office hours: By appointment.


Subjects covered:

1) Amortized analysis

2) Binomial heaps

3) Fibonacci heaps

4) Sorting networks

5) Quicksort Mergesort
Recursive relation and Finding the Median

6) Algorithmic number theory: short notes I made.
For a PDF file

7) Algorithmic number theory part 2.
For a PDF file
8) The RSA
9) Itroduction to LP
For a pdf file
10) Duality theory
For a PDF file
11) Approximation algorithm
For a pdf file

12) An exact algorithm
for the assigment problem
For a pdf file

Book of the course: Introduction to algorithms by
Cormen Rivest and Leiserson plus lecture notes by Dr Kortsarz.
But everything you need to know is in the PDF/Powerpoint above.

You get credit in 3 ways.
1) The course will be taught as a seminar.
Students will be assigned to subjects.
Every students will teach with prepared power
point or a PDF file. Most of the time its two classes.
Its important that you make sure you understand everyything,
and Teach well.
I will help those who will find it difficult so do not worry.
2) You also have to give detailed summary of all subject
you did not teach. But not for the subject you teach.
If the summaries will not be good enough we may change the
way the course is taught.

There will be theoretical exercises.
If you find them hard you can still get a good enough grade.
But to get a really good grade you must solve the exercises. Theoretical exercises For a pdf file