Course: Programming fundamentals.
Given by: Guy Kortsarz.
Office: 319 Business and Science Bldg.

Office hours: By appointment


Subjects covered:
We are mainly going to learn a programming language
called Python (he named it so after Monty Python! Seriously)
The course will be taught by power point.
To get to power point classes print on a web
server (Netscape, Explorer, Firefox etc):
Where i can be 1,2 to 11.
For example print:
Chapters 9 and 10: probably nothing of it will
studied (Object oriented programming. Next course).

Material Covered

Hardware, Software, Data in binary code. An algorithm
to turn decimal numbers to numbers of base 2.

Programs design. Input,Output, Print, Comments, Variables
Functions, calling a function, using a function, local and global
variables, passing arguments by value (and in other languages
by reference). Global variables.

The if, and if then else statements, and nested
if then else statements. Comparing strings. Logic and Boolean algebra.

Loops: The while loop. The for loop. Nested loops.
Value Returning functions and generating random numbers
Handling files and exceptions
Strings and lists
(and a few words on arrays).

Recursion, many examples. Mergesort and Quicksort.

Book of the course: ``Starting out with Python"
Toni Gaddis, Pearson Education Inc.
I will follow this book closely with power point slides

1) There will be 6 programming exercises worth %70 percent of the grade.
Final exam: %30.

The exam is to write 5 or so programs on paper.
Anything electric will not be allowed to be used
In particular, no clam connection and no web connection.
No cell phones or any other smart phones.
This is the reason the exam is worth only %30.

The course is best taken with ``Software Lab"
198:100:40, given by Curtis Saal. Without
the lab you may not have enough practice
in Python.


Exercise I:

For a pdf file

Exercise II:
For a pdf file

Exercise III:
For a pdf file

Exercise IV:
For a pdf file

Exercise V
For a pdf file

Exercise VI:
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A previous exam
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