Course: Networking
Given by: Guy Kortsarz.
Office: 319 Business and Science Bldg.

Office hours: By appointment


Book of the course:

Computer Networking, A top Down Approach, forth edition
Kurose and Ross
But the course will be taught via power point slides.
To see the power points go to
With i going from 1 to 5 (first 5 chapters)

Subjects covered:

We start with a survey of the 5 layers
World wide web
The network core
Application layer: HTTP, FTP, SMPT (email)
DNS (the web directory)
P2P applications and sockets
UDP, TCP, reliable data transfer and congestion control
IP: Routing algorithms
IP: Broadcasting and multicasting
The link layer and Lans
Error detection and correction techniques
Multiple access protocol


1) There will be 5 exercises worth together 50%. The exercises will
be posted during the semester
2) There will be at least one programming exercise. The the programming exercise(s) is (are) worth 20%
3)Final Exam (in class): 30%


Programming Assignment 1

Exercise 1

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Exercise 2
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Exercise 3
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Exercise 4
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Finall Exam 2010
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