Course: Cryptography
Given by: Guy Kortsarz.
Office: 319 Business and Science Bldg.

Office hours: I will see you at any hour unless I have a deadline.


Subjects covered:
Classical Crptosystems such as Shift, Affine, substitution, Block Ciphers
Pseudo-random bit generator
A word about the Enigma
Basic number theory: GCD, Congruences, Modular exponentiation and more
The RSA Algorithm, primality testing and factoring
Discrete log
Digital signature
Secret Sharing
Playing games over the computer
Zero knowledge techniques

Book of the course: Introduction to Cryptography with Coding theory by Trappe and Washington, Prentice Hall.

I will follow this book closely

1) Exercises: there will 4 exercises (to be posted later)
Their total will be at least $%50$.
2) Midterm 20% (tentative)
3) Exam: 30%

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Exercise IV: For a pdf file
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so you can already start solving it.
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